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Be careful about these foods that would increase the acne


Posted on : 15/Oct/2020 1:08:18 PM

In the adolescent age, both boys as well as girls get acne issues on their faces and they find it very difficult. They try various methods to get rid of the acne.

It must be noted that acne is a long term skin disease that occurs when dead skin cells and oil form the skin clog hair follicles. It is also known by the name acne vulgaris. Genetics could be the prime cause for acne in the majority of the cases. It is said that certain foods could increase this acne issue. Hence it is important not to consume these foods.

Foods that must be avoided to be free from acne are

Avoid skimmed milk:

It is believed that low fat milk could trigger acne. So, please avoid drinking skimmed milk. Those who are lactose intolerant could also get acne. Almond milk or rice milk could be a good substitute.

Avoid egg whites:

Many consume egg whites without knowing that it might lead to acne. Having egg yolks could be superb as it has vitamin b in it. This could cure acne, rashes, dryness etc.

Avoid mayonnaise:

It is revealed that the presence of soybean oil in mayonnaise could lead to acne in us. Point is that soy could act as estrogen in our body and hormonal imbalances could result in acne.

Avoid white bread:

It is important to note here white bread, pasta cereals etc could increase the ageing process and could lead to acne etc. This could have an impact on blood sugar levels. Instead of white bred we could have whole grains.

Avoid excess meat:

Our digestive system could get affected and it could lead to acne issues when we eat excess meat. Fact is that those who consume plant based diets have less acne issues. The antioxidants, minerals and fibres in the plant based diet would detoxify our body.




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