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Surprising health benefits of intake of green chillies


Posted on : 14/Oct/2020 9:30:26 AM

In India, people love to eat spicy foods. Most Indian dishes utilize green chillies to make the food spicy. Truth is that there are many spicy food recipes available to explore for the people. Green chillies could be either added in raw form or as fried etc. The scientific name for green chillies is Capsicum Annum.

By adding the green chillies, the flavour of the food gets enhanced is well known. Not many of us know that green chillies could also provide us many health benefits.

Health benefits that we could get by consuming green chillies are

Good for weight loss:
It is believed that by consuming green chillies our metabolism would become more. This would help in cutting fat, shedding calories and then weight loss. Point is eating green chillies could increase our metabolism up to 50% until 3 hours of eating meals.

Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases:
Cardiovascular disease could result in death and many die these days due to this. It is important to note that by eating green chillies we could lower the risk of getting cardiovascular disease in us. Green chillies intake could reduce the chances of atherosclerosis and prevent formation of blood clots.

Fights sinus:
The green chillies have a stimulating effect on the mucous membrane in the nose and hence it must be consumed by those having common cold issues or sinus issues etc.

Mood booster:
Intake of green chillies could boost the mood by releasing endorphins. By this, we would feel active and energised. The feeling of lethargy would not be there.

Lowers blood sugar levels:
This is also one of the important health benefits of intake of green chillies. Those with diabetes issues could eat green chillies and the sugar levels in the body get balanced.

Good for digestion:
It must be noted that green chillies have dietary fibre and this would help in digestion. Therefore it is good to consume green chillies.

Keeps cancer at bay:
Cancer has become so common these days. It is revealed that green chillies having antioxidants could protect us from free radicals by acting as natural scavengers. Prostate issues could be avoided.




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