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Heart attack can be due to these surprising reasons, take care


Posted on : 24/Sep/2020 9:28:48 AM

Loss of blood supply could result in the death of the segment of heart muscle. This is termed as heart attack. Main symptoms of heart attack are chest discomfort and pain. Men above 45 years of age and women above 55 years of age have more chances of getting heart attacks. 

These days, heart attacks have become so common and many people lose their lives due to heart attacks. Heart is very important organ in us and we must take proper care of the heart to the life to be normal.

It is well known that our heart could get damaged due to bad diet plus lack of exercises etc. Not many of us know that we could get heart attacks due to some surprising reasons also.

Various surprising reasons that could cause heart attack in us are

Traffic delays:
Yes, its true that delay in the traffic could lead to heart attacks and not many are aware of this. Research study has confirmed that one hour delay in the traffic could trigger a heart attack in us. Point is high noise levels could also lead to heart disease.

Working in shifts:
Our circadian rhythm gets affected when we work in the shifts. This is also called an internal clock. This could lead to heart damage in us. It has been shown by a study that working in shifts could trigger heart attacks.

Dental issues:
It is possible to get heart disease when we have dental problems in us. It is believed that the bacteria that are present in the gums could travel into bloodstreams and this could lead to inflammation of blood vessels and many heart issues.

Stomach fat:
Hormones and other chemicals get triggered by the presence of belly fat in us. This could increase BP and cholesterol levels etc. Having belly or stomach fat is directly related to getting heart attacks.