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Intake of pulses every day is very important for these reasons


Posted on : 21/Sep/2020 9:23:31 AM

People all over India consume pulses and it is a staple food.  Multiple varieties of pulses are available for us is well known. Various types of pulses are moong, chana, lobia, rajma, toor etc. Being a rich source of plant based protein intake of pulses would help in weight loss in us. It must be noted that pulses could be consumed as dal, soup, sprouts etc with rice or in the form of khichdi.

It has been mentioned by some nutritionists that we must consume 10 to 12 varieties of pulses for the sake of our health.

Various reasons why we must eat pulses daily are

Provides amino acids to us:
Amino acids are very important to us and they are building blocks of proteins. It is worthy to mention that amino acids play a vital role in increasing the growth of muscles and reduce soreness in the muscles. It is believed that the intake of dal or pulses with rice would make the food to have a complete amino acid profile.

Rich in many important nutrients:
Pulses are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc and hence intake of pulses would provide superb health.

Rich in fibre content:
It is a well known fact that we must eat fibre rich foods for our health. Pulses are rich in fibres and by consuming pulses our heart health would be superb. Cholesterol levels get lowered in us.

Low glycemic index:
Low glycemic index foods are important because they cause just a small spike in the blood sugar levels when compared to other foods.

Rich in folate:
This is another reason that highlights the importance of pulses. The pregnant mothers would get benefited by the intake of pulses having folate or vitamin B. Truth is that folate plays an important role in the reduction of new cells.