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Issues like vitamin D deficiency, increased sugar levels, etc during lockdown Conditions


Posted on : 03/Aug/2020 10:20:17 AM

People have been forced to be inside their houses or indoors in TN and in Chennai due to the lockdown restrictions. This has affected their health to a great extent. There are many who have vitamin D deficiency, obesity issues, and uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

Many now take vitamin D supplements as they are unable to go out of their homes due to the lockdown restrictions.

A Chennai based CBSE school teacher explained how the lockdown restrictions have forced her to stay indoors and how it leads to vitamin D deficiency issues in her. She mentioned that she has been taking vitamin D supplements to compensate for the lack of sunlight exposure plus doing some exercises. 

It is now said that vitamin D deficiency has become common now in this situation especially in elderly women. It must be noted that elderly persons are more vulnerable to Coronavirus infection.

Orthopedics chief from KMCH, Chennai, Dr, Veera Kumar pointed out that to overcome the deficiency of vitamin D people need to take vitamin D supplements compulsorily. He added that the symptoms of this deficiency were brittle bones and joint pain. 

He hinted that the elderly women face this vitamin D deficiency issue in them and how in the lockdown this issue has become more. Finally, he threw light on the fractures (due to falling down) that occur due to lack of vitamin D. To address the vitamin D deficiency, it is important to consume vitamin D rich foods like salmon, egg yolks, mushrooms, cereals, cheese, etc.

Chennai based famous diabetologist Dr. Mohan was of the view that vitamin D offers protection against diabetes, heart diseases and certain types of cancer, etc. He explained about how the primary source of vitamin D was sunlight and how foods and supplements could also provide this vitamin to us.