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Want to be free from obesity, diabetes etc, then switch to these alternatives of sugar


Posted on : 10/Jul/2020 10:09:23 AM

We consume foods and beverages throughout the day and sugar is present in these. This sugar intake could lead to obesity, weight gain etc in us.

Many have different opinions about the intake of sugar. Some are of the view that natural sugar sources such as jaggery, honey are good for health whereas others are of the view that sugars even from fruits should not be consumed. It must be taken into account that even the natural sources of sugar that are good for consumption must be consumed in a controlled manner only.

If you want to be free from issues like weight gain, obesity, diabetes etc then you must switch to alternatives of sugar.

Various other alternatives are

By opting for natural sources:
By swapping with natural sources, it is possible to reduce the intake of sugar. If you want a replacement for sugar then it is better to go for jiggery.

By drinking detox water:
Infused or detox water could be consumed by us instead of sodas or aerated drinks that have lots of sugar content. It is possible to stay hydrated by this.

By eating fresh fruits:
By avoiding canned fruits and switching over to fresh fruits, it is possible to avoid intake of sugars. The canned fruits have lots of sugars in them.

By reducing the servings:
This is also one important way to lessen the intake of sugars by us. It is important to cut down the intake of servings that has sugar content in them. It is said that instead of eating a packet full of biscuits etc it is better if we reduce it to just 2 or 3 biscuits.

By adding extracts:
The food could become a little sweet by the addition of extracts. The extract from dates, almonds would be superb and they would provide great taste for the food.