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Risk of newborns getting birth defects can be lowered by these steps


Posted on : 29/Jun/2020 10:44:37 AM

Structural abnormalities taking place while a baby is developing in the uterus are termed as birth defects. There are many babies that are born with some form of birth defect. It is said that birth defects could be mild as well as severe. While some birth defects could be detected easily there are some like heart defects that might not get detected easily. Truth is not all birth defects could be prevented in the babies.

By these steps, we could reduce the risk of babies getting birth defects.

By Visiting Health Care Providers Regularly: Before the pregnancy or during pregnancy etc, it is important to see the health care provider regularly. The pregnant women could get superb guidance from the doctor or midwife or nurse practitioner etc.

By Quitting Smoking: Not many women know that smoking could also lead to birth defects in babies. Hence, it is important to quit smoking.

By Abstaining from Alcohol Intake: This is also one important step to lower the risk of getting babies with birth defects. The pregnant woman must stop drinking alcohol in any form.

By Proper Control of Diabetes: Some women have diabetes and this might also result in some type of birth defect in their newborns. It is believed that maintaining a healthy weight is very essential before pregnancy.

By Knowing Family History: There are possibilities where a family member might have a birth defect and it might come in the newborn too. It is important to know the family history. Point is making a Pre-Pregnancy planning appointment would be beneficial. There are some birth defects that could be due to genetics also.

By Reducing Risk of Getting Infections During Pregnancy: Another step for reducing the birth defects in the babies is by reducing the risk of getting infections during the pregnancy. Health care providers could assist the pregnant woman in this.