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Try these without fail to reduce farting


Posted on : 01/Jun/2020 10:38:47 AM

Imagine a situation where you are in your boss room with your colleagues for an urgent meeting and at that time you fart creating discomfort for others. It would be highly embarrassing isnt it!!

The fact is we all fart but feel shy to talk about farting with someone. This farting is a natural part of our digestion cycle.

In some persons, farting might have increased and it is important that they must not neglect their health.

A person must follow these tips to reduce farting.

By eating slowly:
In this fast world, many of us do not have time at our disposal and eat food very fast without giving time. It must be noted that the gas inside our body is due to the air that we swallow. The air swallowed could be reduced by slow eating.

By moving our body:
Lying or sitting at one place for hours together would keep making gas inside us. Hence it is essential to go out for a walk or running etc. By this, our digestive system would be kept healthy.

By avoiding gas producing foods:
This is also one important tip that we must follow to be free from farting. Foods like cabbage, broccoli, whole grains, onions and drinks such as beer, soda, carbonated drinks could produce gas inside us.

By avoiding gum chewing:
The person who has the habit of chewing gum would swallow more air than usual. This could lead to more farting. It is believed that instead of chewing gum the person could try mouthwash t keep the mouth from bad smell.

By avoiding smoking:
It is revealed that person who smokes often swallows more air and this could result in farting. Hence it is important to avoid smoking as there are also other benefits associated with it.