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These remedies for treating ringworm infections are highly effective


Posted on : 26/Apr/2019 09:34:30

Sometimes we could get fungal infection of our skin and this is called as ringworm infection. It is also known by the name ‘Dermatophytosis’ and persons having this infection have red, itchy, scaly, circular rash.

The point is many areas of our body could be affected at the same time. The symptoms would start developing 4 to 14 days after the exposure. Fungus ‘Trichophyton Rubrum; is responsible for the ringworm infections in us. It is important to get it treated because the condition when left untreated would bring high discomfort. The information collected is people who use public showers, contact sports like wrestling, excessive sweating, obesity, those with poor immunity etc have got greater risk of getting this infection. Ringworm infections could also be treated at our homes itself.

These home remedies could help in treating ringworm issue effectively.

By the application of aloe vera gel:

It is well known that aloe vera application provides us many health benefits and aloe vera could be used to treat ringworm infections effectively. It is important that a person affected with ringworm infection must apply aloe vera on the infection portion atleast 3 times in a day. By using aloe vera irritated, swollen skin would be get calmed down.

By the application of lemongrass oil:

Many health issues gets treated by this lemongrass oil is known. The superb piece of information is this lemongrass oil is highly effective to treat ringworm infections in us. In the first step carrier oil is mixed with lemongrass oil. Then it is applied by means of cotton on the infection portion 2 times a day.

By the application of garlic paste:

It is said that by applying garlic past made with olive or coconut oil on the infected area of the body we could get rid of ringworm infection in us. In the first step garlic past is taken and applied on the affected part and is covered with gauze for 2 hours. Then the infected part is washed with water and the procedure is repeated 2 times atleast in a day.

By the application of tea tree oil:

If you want the best home remedy to treat ringworm infection then tea tree oil is the best. By mixing tea tree oil with coconut oil and then applying the concoction over the infected area, we could get rid of ringworm infection effectively. The point is this treatment is regarded as the most trusted natural treatment.