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Dont skip breakfast or have late dinner as it might increase death risk


Posted on : 19/Apr/2019 10:05:45

We all want to live a happy, healthy and long life isnt it!!

The truth is many of us die early due to some factors like lack of good health etc. Important point is these days we come across many persons skipping their breakfast and consuming late dinner etc. It is now brought out that by skipping the breakfast and eating late at the night time could result in the increase in the risk of death and other issues related to the heart etc. This was as per the researchers.

In the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, the studies by the researchers are published. It is clear from the findings that people with such above mentioned unhealthy lifestyle had 4 or 5 times more chances of early death and increased chances of second heart attack etc. According to a co-author, Marcus Minicucci belonging to Sao Paolo State University in Brazil, 2 eating behaviors were independently linked with poorer outcomes after a heart attack but having many bad habits would make things worse.

The information collected is the co-author pointed out factors like oxidative stress, inflammatory response and endothelial function could be involved in the association between unhealthy eating behavior and cardiovascular outcomes. It is worth mentioning that for the sake of the study as many as 113 patients with mean age of 60 were considered of which 73 percent were men. The important point is the study enrolled patients with serious form of heart attack called STEMI or ST- segment elevation myocardial infarction. It must be noted that this was the first study to evaluate the unhealthy behaviors in patients having acute coronary syndrome.

The point is 58 percent of the patients skipped breakfast and 51 percent had late dinner and both were seen in 41 percent patients. A two hour gap between the dinner and bedtime would be good and this was as per the researchers.