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2 potential anti TB drugs developed by MMC Chennai now awaits patents


Posted on : 13/Apr/2019 09:41:31

Tuberculosis or otherwise called as TB is an infectious disease that affects lungs. This disease is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. The news is Madras Medical College or MMC in Chennai has developed 2 potential anti TB drugs that has shown promise to control tuberculosis bacteria in petri dishes in lab conditions. As per Dr. A. Jerad Suresh, principal, College of Pharmacy, MMC, patents have been filed for 2 novel synthetic molecules developed by the College of Pharmacy.

The shocking piece of information collected is India accounts for one fourth of global TB incidence. It must be taken into account that in the year 2015 an estimated 28 lakh cases took place and 4.8 lakh people died due to tuberculosis disease. Dr. Jerad Suresh assured that the new formulations would be more effective when compared to the older formulations. He explained how the new formulations could not be used directly now on the patients but had to undergo many phases of trials. The trials would be carried out on both humans as well as on the animals.

The information gathered now is the College of Pharmacy, MMC, Chennai, has decided to apply to the Central Drug Standard Control Organisation or CDSCO seeking permission for mass production of drugs mainly the antimicrobial solutions. It must be noted that this antimicrobial solution is being produced in the campus. Dean of MMC hospital, Dr. R. Jayanthi pointed out that estimated amount of Rs 32.08 lakhs per year could be saved for just one hospital.

The point is the state health department has been convinced by the college about the help it would provide to all the government hospitals in cutting down on the cost of hand sanitizers. Strengthening of infrastructure plus human resources for mass production is going on. Finally building capacity to manufacture drugs based on the requirements would be done. This was also confirmed by Dr. Jayanthi.

It is worthy to mention that till now various medical products like medicines, equipments and disposables etc for the government primary health centers, secondary and tertiary care medical college hospital is sourced through Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation. Generic drugs are being purchased by the corporation from the lowest bidder across India. 

People are getting benefited by the Amma Pharmacies that sell quality medicines at fair rates. It is said that with the licenses the state of TN could produce its own quality medicines and cost could be brought down further.