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New transmission line energized: will ease the shortage of power in Tamil Nadu

Posted on: 03/Jan/2014 9:57:25 AM

A new transmission system, constructed at the cost of Rs .815 Crores, to bring electricity to the South from the North has been energized. This will meet the current shortage experienced in the state.

Power Grid Corporation officials informed:

The state government has taken various steps to overcome the current shortage of power. The current generation facilities are used to the full extent. Power is being procured from private producers from the states of Orissa, Rajasthan, and Chattisgarh through the transmission via Kolar region, Karnataka. The transmission facilities are being constructed by the Power Grid Corporation of India.

The transmission lines (765 kV) at the cost of Rs. 815 Crores between Sholapur, Maharashtra and Raichur, Karnataka has been completed recently, earlier than schedule by 5 months. This would greatly help in meeting the shortage of power in Tamil Nadu.

The North, West, and east Power Grids are now linked to the South Power grid. This would facilitate the purchase of power from private and public ower producers from other states as contracted by the Tamil Nadu government.

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