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Traffic Diverted in Chennai for Tirupati Tirukkudaigal Procession on September 16

Posted on : 15/Sep/2023 9:12:45 AM

In anticipation of the grand Tirupati Tirukkudaigal procession scheduled for September 16, authorities in Chennai have implemented traffic diversions aimed at averting potential congestion during the event. The traffic adjustments will come into effect at 10:00 am and will remain in place until the conclusion of the procession.

The procession, a significant part of the Brahmotsavam festival leading to Garudaseva in Tirupati, is set to depart from the Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple in Chennai`s Pookadai at precisely 10:31 am.

To facilitate the smooth flow of the Tirukkudaigal procession, traffic diversions have been enacted at several key locations in Chennai, including Bose Road, Tanga Road, Waldox Road, and Basin Bridge. Additionally, security personnel will be deployed to ensure the safety and security of the event.

The Tirupati Tirukkudaigal procession is a much-awaited annual event, during which devotees from Tamil Nadu converge to participate in the Garudaseva festivities in Tirupati. The procession, marked by the wearing of turbans, carries deep cultural and religious significance for the participants.

The authorities have taken these measures to ensure that this year`s Tirupati Thirukkudai procession proceeds without any hindrance and that devotees can partake in the festivities with peace and tranquility. Commuters and residents are advised to plan their routes and schedules accordingly on September 16 to accommodate the traffic changes.



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