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New parking system in Chennai to reduce acute traffic congestion! A new initiative by GCC!

Posted on : 10/May/2023 11:10:09 AM

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) plans to introduce a new parking system to reduce the acute traffic congestion experienced in Chennai Metro City. Currently, the public faces a lot of hardship and several issues in parking their vehicles. As a measure to solve this issue, the GCC intends to set up parking lots on the sides of the roads.

According to statistics provided by the Department of Transport of the State Government of Tamil Nadu, there are 3.13 Crores vehicles in use in the State of Tamil Nadu, and most of these vehicles operate in Chennai Metro City. As a result, acute traffic congestion occurs on most major roads in Chennai Metro City, and citizens encounter extreme hardship in finding a location for parking their vehicles. Due to a lack of parking facilities in residential apartments, commercial complexes, and shopping areas, citizens are constrained to park their vehicles outside of residences on the roads, which hinders traffic.

To overcome this issue of vehicle parking, parking spaces have been set up on the roadsides under the Traffic Development Plan in areas under the jurisdiction of the Greater Chennai Corporation. Over 80 locations in the Chennai Metro City, including T Nagar, Triplicane, Adyar, Ambattur, Anna Nagar, Besant Nagar, and Purasawalkam, have been identified and are being set up.

Officials have also stated that this effort would increase the revenue earned by the Greater Chennai Corporation. A higher official of the Greater Chennai Corporation shared, "To find a solution to encounter the parking spaces for vehicles, we have planned to develop roadside parking arrangements. There is acute traffic congestion, especially in the areas of Kodambakkam, Valasarawalkam, C. P. Ramasamy Road, and Dr. Nayar Road in T Nagar. As such, we have gathered details of ten commercial complexes in these areas and started analyzing the scope for setting up vehicle parking lots. Once implemented, the acute issue of parking space requirement for vehicles will reduce, and this will solve the issue of acute traffic congestion. We are making this effort jointly with the Chennai Metro Development Authority. We are also gathering details regarding the streets/roads where the maximum number of vehicles are parked. As such, parking lots will be set up wherever there is scope!"

The safety of the parked vehicles in these parking lots will be ensured jointly with the Department of Police. Currently, the revenue earned by the Greater Chennai Corporation in the parking lots owned by it is around Rs. 1.2-Rs. 1.5 Lakhs daily. By setting up the new parking lots, this revenue will increase. Advanced technology sensors will be set up in every parking lot to sense and register the Vehicle Registration Number and send the detail to the parking charge meter issuing receipts.



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