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Sudden implementation of traffic violation based activity in Avadi in Chennai has caught the attention!!

Posted on : 23/Mar/2023 9:14:35 AM

On Wednesday, 22nd March 2023, Mr. Sandeep Rai Rathore, Police Commissioner of Avadi, caught the attention of many when he introduced the spot fine payment scheme using e-challan for the traffic violations under the Avadi Police Commissionerate. Developed by NIC based out of  Delhi, the e-challan system has been programmed to work in Chennai. This can be operated by means of the internet.

By this system, it would be possible to verify the genuineness of drivers with the vahan website for vehicle registration with regional transport offices. It is superb to mention here that by using this new licence software it would be possible to register cases on other states vehicles too.

The commissioner of police Mr. Sandeep Rai Rathore later spoke about how if the traffic violation cases were registered through this software and if the cases were pending without the payment of fines then it would not be possible to get fitness certificates, change of owners name etc.

At the traffic police office, the public could pay their fines for traffic violations with the help of their credit/debit cards. The public could also use internet banking or post offices etc to pay their fines. Information is that 100 e-challans,a dn 100 QR code kits have been handed over to the police.



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