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Asthma problem during the winter season - Various things to know!!

Posted on : 13/Jan/2023 5:10:35 PM

Those suffering from asthma problems would have issues all through the year but the symptoms would become intense more especially in the winter season.

A person with asthma issues could have issues in breathing while going out during the winters where there is a dip in the temperature with cold winds etc . There are certain triggers that could make the bronchial tube in asthma persons to become swollen or inflamed. As a result, the person would find it difficult to breathe as swollen airways do not let the air to breathe pass properly. The oxygen would become the source for asthma persons and due to this the winters could become worse.

Reason why cold climate could trigger asthma:

It is known that the nasal passages are lined with mucus that would keep the area moist, In the winter season, when we breathe in cold and dry air then mucous fluid evaporates faster and this could result in airways becoming swollen and inflammed etc. This worsens asthma symptoms. Point is that the cold air could lead to histamine and this would make the person more prone for allergy etc.

Cold weather increases sticky mucous:

The nose is already lined with mucous is known to us. In the cold season our body would produce more of it and it would be stickier and thicker than normal. This would make us catch infections easily.

Cold air results in infections:

We could get infections like flu, cold cough etc during winter or cold season. When we stay indoors, then dust particles, animal dander plus others like tobacco smoke, heating, mold etc could act as allergens.

Various symptoms of asthma are

Wheezing, breathlessness, tightness in chest, continuous coughing, fast heart beat, exhaustion etc.

Lifestyle changes that would help us to manage asthma are

By avoiding contact triggers etc:

Truth is that we must identify asthma triggers and allergens etc in the home and make the indoor environment healthier.

By getting vaccinated:

Issues like cold, cough etc would become more in the winters and these could make asthma problems worsen. To keep the lungs healthy, it is important to get a vaccination for  flu every year.

By taking asthma medicines properly:

It is necessary to take the prescribed asthma medicines compulsorily. This would keep the siue in control in the winters.

By keeping inhaler near:

The medicines that would provide speedy relief must always be kept near us and this includes inhalers too.



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