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2 days Holidays for shops selling (alcoholic) liqueur!

Posted on : 12/Jan/2023 11:27:17 AM

TTASMAC has ordered 2 days’ ‘Holidays’ for all (alcoholic’ Liqueur shops on the occasions of Thiruvalluvar Day (16th January) and Republic Day (26th January). 

The Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMMAC) is a company owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu, selling alcoholic liqueur stuff on retail in various retail shops which function all 7 days a week!

Generally, these shops are given 8 holidays in a year including Republic Day, May Day, and Independence Day.

As such, TASMAC has ordered 2 days of Holidays for all the above retail liqueur shops on Thiruvalluvar Day (16th January) and republic Day (26th January).

Further, liqueur sales. Service has been banned on these 2 days in the bars and clubs and hotels!



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