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New at the famous Chennai Marina Beach: Chennai Police install solar-powered outpost!

Posted on : 10/Jan/2023 4:05:31 PM

With the main objective of enhancing visible policing at the Marina Beach area, the Greater Chennai Police (GCP) has installed a new solar-powered Out-Post (OP) at a strategic point on Marina beach for easier identification to the public who need assistance, especially during night hours.

In a notification released by the Greater Chennai Police in this regard, it is mentioned:

“This will also instil a sense of safety among the public, during huge gatherings, besides acting as deterrence to culprits. It plays a crucial role in reporting and tracing missing children,”

Apart from this, the sleuths of the Coastal Security Group (CSG) also move in a police vehicle with blinking lights along the shore to monitor the movements of the public.

The CSG anti-drowning teams along with GCP Marina patrols are now playing a significant role in protecting those who attempt suicide, besides safeguarding the public from drowning!



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