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Planning to visit Tirupathi! Online booking for performing Anga-pradakshinam!!

Posted on: 20/Sep/2022 10:38:49 AM
The tokens for performing the `Anga-Pradakshinam,` at the Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara temple in October will be released at 9.00 AM ONLINE on 22nd September.

The Rs. 300/0 Special Darshan Tickets for November and performing Anga-Pradakshinam have been released ONLINE!

The Thirumalai-Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) is set to release the tickets for all charged Sevas, tokens for performing Anga-pradakshinam, and the Rs. 300/- Special Darshan Tickets on 21st and 22nd September.

Thirumalai Tirupathi Devasthanam has announced that the Rs. 300/- Special Darshan Tickets for the Darshan and praying of Lord Venkateswara in November will be released ONLINE at 9.00 AM on 21st September!

In a notification released by the TTD in this regard, it is mentioned:

The tickets for various events in November such as Kalyana Utsavam, Oonjal Sevai, and Sahara Deepa Alankara Sevai will be released ONLINE at 3.00 PM on 21st September.  The priced tickets which are allotted to the devotees through an electronic raffle draw will be released ONLINE on 21st September.

For the devotees who need to perform `Anga-pradakshinam` in October, the tokens will be released ONLINE at 9.00 AM on 22nd September.

These tickets for various sevas can be booked ONLINE by visiting the website: 
  • https://tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in.

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