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Totally different weather now in Chennai than in the past - RMC!!


Posted on : 11/Jul/2022 2:30:48 PM


There has been a reduction in the overall temperature in Chennai city in the past week. The rains received by Chennai recently have led to the decrease in the temperatures in the past week. This would be there for some more time until the rainfall activity gets reduced in Kerala in the SW monsoon.

It was brought to light by a senior officer belonging to RMC in Chennai that Chennai experienced strong westerly winds with moderate to heavy rainfall since the last week and there has been a reduction in the maximum temperature recording around 34 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. This has been totally different when compared to the previous years in Chennai.

The official then spoke about how it was not a seasonal rainfall in Chennai and how it would not be possible to predict the duration of the rains. There would not be rains for the next few days but the temperature in Chennai would be low due to the strong westerly winds.

Since the month of May, Kerala has been experiencing SW monsoon and the rainfall has increased in the last few days. In the month of June, the state of Tamil Nadu received good rainfall is known to us.

The officer from RMC explained that rains would reduce in Tamil Nadu as there is now a reduction in the rainfall activity in Kerala. There might be a change in the wind pattern in Tamil Nadu if a low pressure area is formed in the state of Odisha. The temperature would increase to normal.

For the next 2 days, there would be light to moderate rains in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu and from Tuesday, 12th July onwards Western Ghats districts would get moderate to heavy rains. In the last 24 hours, various districts in TN received rains and this was mentioned by RMC.
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