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Google issues a warning to the Google Chrome (Browser) Users!


Posted on : 10/May/2022 5:24:27 PM

Google has detected some faults in the security aspect of the Google Chrome Browser and has issued warnings to Google Chrome Users.

As there are 7 defects detected in the Chrome Browser system, which can be harmful, Google has cautioned the Chrome Users.

In its present status, chrome can be easily hacked by hackers!  This has been a warning issued by Google to Chrome users to be aware of!

As per the latest warning issued by Google, action is being taken to correct all the above 7 defects and a new updated version will be given. It is expected that the new update will be released in a few days.

The above defects have damaged Windows, MAC and Linux. Further, it was not possible to track the hacker. Google has also not clearly mentioned the details of the affected parties/companies due to this.

As per the warning, only the claim that the defects will be rectified and a new updated version will be released.

Google will offer protection to the users until the update is released!

Google has also mentioned that it would like to express its gratitude to the safety researchers who worked with Google in an effort to prevent the likely damages caused by the defects in the present Chrome version.

Meanwhile, Google has announced its intention to increase the list of exclusive content.  This will cover the search of Physical address, cell phone number, Passwords, Credit Cards numbers, Bank Account IDs, and the signed passport size photograph.

Further, Google has planned to remove the harmful links to pornographic videos, personal confidential photographs, and the harmful wrong links!

As per the announcement by The Yerger, as the usage of the internet has been increasing phenomenally with every passing day, Google has introduced new options for its users. In other words, searching for mobile numbers and house addresses is harmful and dangerous!



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