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What To Consider When Buying The Best Bug Zapper


Posted on : 16/Mar/2022 1:15:37 PM

You may think that bug zappers have come in recent years, but they have been around for decades. An early type of zappers used to have features like electronic light with a chunk of bait encased. Insects get attracted by the light and fall on the ground with shock. The same technology has been continuing and no other technology has been implemented yet. 

Many of the bug zappers have ultraviolet light, and when insects draw nearer to it, they will get an electrified wire grid that kills them instantly. This is the present technology introduced to avoid gnats, swarms, mosquitoes, pests, and many other house flies. Whether indoor or outdoor, the same technology works effectively to eliminate bugs.     

Bug zappers work on different power sources. Some will work with battery-powered while others work with electricity. Some bug zappers also work on sun lights and if you go out, you can hang it on trees and sit under it as they work with battery-powered.

Outdoor vs Indoor

Night parties are no wonder these days and should avoid insects to have a peaceful environment. To keep the place without insects, it is essential to have bug zappers that work battery-powered. It is running well and makes you enjoy the party without any issues from insects. 

If you are having a party indoors, there will be no issue as you can use electricity to keep away from insects. There are various sizes available in the market to keep you safe from mosquitoes which causes many health problems. During summer, mosquitoes will double. When you party outside, you must keep the bug zappers, otherwise, they feast on your blood. 

Racquet-type zappers are also available in the market, but you don’t know how long they work, and you have to keep investing money on buying them over and over again. The best option is to buy the bug zappers that are available in the market with a reasonable budget then, you will see them working for a long time. 


According to studies from the University of Delaware, bug zappers will kill more non-biting insects like beetles and moths than mosquitoes and biting flies.



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