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Guess who will be hosting the BIG BOSS ULTIMATE show hereafter?

Posted on : 22/Feb/2022 9:49:14 AM

Surviving in the cinema industry as a hero is very tough!!

One actor who has been surviving and creating sensational BO records ever since the 1960s is the one and only Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan.

Ulagan Nayan Kamal Hassan, the evergreen super actor of Indian cinema, has been hosting the Bigg Boss show in Vijay TV successively. Now he is doing an amazing job in the recently started Big Boss ultimate show too.

The sensational news that has come out now is that this super hit show would be hosted by another excellent actor hereafter. It is well known that this Big Boss show was started in 2017 and since then the show has been tremendous. Side by side, actor Kamal Hassan has been acting in the films and is also involved in political activities etc.

Now, the actor has mentioned that since he has been acting in the film named Vikram he wont be able to conduct the Bigg boss ultimate show. This has shocked his fans now. Truth is that actor Kamal Hassan has only said that due to his film shooting commitments he would not be able to host the show any further. He never mentioned that he would be quitting the show totally. Many were of the view that the actor would be involving himself in politics totally and due to that he wont be able to take part in the big boss show as the host.

The authorities of Vijay TV have been searching for another popular personality to host the show.  Last year, there were rumours about actor Simbhu hosting the big boss show. Now, it is said that actor Simbhu might be the host of this sensational show. This has made the fans of actor Simbu delighted. It is known that actor Simbhus latest film named Maanadu has been a huge success at the box office.    




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