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An important issue at the Central railway station in Chennai is grabbing the attention now


Posted on : 28/Oct/2021 9:28:25 AM

Chennai central railway station is being used by many passengers to reach their places of destination. This station is one of the most used railways stations in Chennai is well known.

The passengers at the western entrance of this station are facing issues due to a dysfunctional information display board. In the last few weeks, a large electronic board at the western entrance that used to show information regarding the train position has been dysfunctional and the passengers have been finding it highly inconvenient. Just recently, this electronic board was removed.

To know about the position of trains, the passengers entering the railway station at the last minute would have to run to the concourse area to check the train position on the main display board. Later, the passengers proceed to catch the trains.

Elders, pregnant women and those passengers with heavy baggage have been finding it very difficult due to the dysfunctional electronic board due to the additional time taken to find the position of the trains. Passengers are unhappy with the small LED screen that has been set up because of the fact that the information relayed is often delayed.

It was mentioned by a 65 year old passenger belonging to Villivakkam that he found it difficult without any information on the electronic board and how he ran to the main entrance to know about the train position. He shed light on how he and his wife boarded the train at the last moment.

It must be noted that the daily passengers from Arakkonam and Katpadi are also finding it difficult due to this issue here. Truth is that 20 to 30% of daily passengers reach the station just a few minutes before departure. These daily passengers would have to run from one point to another to catch their trains to their destinations. The electronic display board was removed for maintenance and soon it would be functional. This was according to a railway official belonging to the Chennai Division. He mentioned the installation of LED boards at the western entrance of the railway station. He concluded that the train positions are being announced regularly. 
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