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Restaurants in the south Chennai localities without parking space - Customers occupy footpaths now!!


Posted on : 27/Oct/2021 9:47:58 AM

In South Chennai, Adyar and Besant Nagar are two major localities with huge populations. There are restaurants (both small and big) in these places. There are many complaints from the residents that 80percent of these restaurants do not have a parking space also. In recent times, many eateries have been set up in these localities with little space for two wheelers and no car parking space.  Two years back, famous restaurant chains opened their branch near Aavin Circle in Adyar without facilities for parking.

The customers who come to the restaurant park their vehicles on the road only. This has been creating issues for many residents. The road connecting Sardar Patel Road and Besant Avenue is full of vehicles. On either side of Kasturba Nagar, many customers park their vehicles and go to the restaurants. It was mentioned by Mr. C. Ramakrishnan, a member of Federations of Resident Associations of Adyar or FEDERA that GCC should not allow these restaurants without parking facilities to function.

Tanker lorries come to Kasturba Nagar due to water shortage there and if a lorry stops near eateries in the area then there would be no space available for the vehicles to move. Truth is that eateries on one side and vehicles parked on the other side create traffic congestion. This was according to a resident from Kasturba Nagar in Adyar.

The bus route roads department belonging to GCC have revamped footpaths in 23 stretches at an estimated cost of Rs 22 crores. The grants were provided by TURIF or Tamil Nadu Urban Road Infrastructure Fund. Information is that out of 23 stretches 8 stretches in Adyar were revamped in October 2018 but were encroached and damaged. Parking vehicles on the pavements has been allowed by a supermarket chain present in Adyar Second Main Road. Point to be noted is that the footpath that connects Adyar and Besant Nagar has been encroached by minivans and four wheelers.  It was mentioned by an official belonging to GCC that they have been conducting regular drives to clear encroachments and impose fines on illegal parking of vehicles.
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