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Beautification work in front of Central Railway Station and Moore Market in Chennai


Posted on : 22/Jul/2021 8:59:30 AM

Dont be surprised if you come across landscaping, canopies and pergolas, pathways etc in front of Central Station and Moore Market complex in Chennai in future!!

Some time back, Southern Railway or SR had planned for beautification work in front of the Central railway station and Moore Market complex in Chennai. It is now said that the roadblock for the Central Square project work has been cleared as the SR has given its nod for CMRL or Chennai Metro Rail Limited to go on with the beautification work in front of the above said places.

In front of Ripon Buildings, the beautification work is now coming to an end. Information is that the beautification work is a part of Rs 400 crores Central Square project.

In addition to the above, the project also included other passenger amenities for multi-nodal integration to link suburban trains, MRTS and metro rail with outstation trains and buses by pedestrian subways, underground parking and a 20 storey central plaza with busy bays.

In the beginning of 2021, the SR had refused to give its approval for the beautification work in front of Central railway station and Moore Market complex. The reason cited at that time was that the beautification would lead to obstruction to the traffic flow. The project work got slowed down. It is surprising to note that the work in front of Ripon Buildings has been going on at full swing.

According to an officer belonging to SR, permission has been issued to CMRL to carry out Central Square developmental works on the railway land near Chennai Central and MMC. Communication has been sent to CMRL. The beautification work would have landscaping plus seating, canopies and pergolas etc.

By the end of July, the work in front of Ripon Buildings would get over and this was as per an officer belonging to CMRL. Just 2 days back only, the SR gave its permission to carry out the beautification works. Po9int is that the existing cement blocks on the surface would be removed and there would be a new paving plus other features.

Pedestrian subways and underground parking facilities would be coming up soon and the work has been going on. For the construction of the multi-storied Central Plaza, CMRL would be looking for an investor by floating a tender. In the future, there would be office spaces plus a shopping area, hotel, waiting lounge for the passengers and bus crew present in the Central Plaza.

On the front, there would be bus bays present in this plaza and local as well as outstation buses would be picking up and dropping the passengers. Officials mentioned that three level underground parking has been planned here. Sounds fantastic doesn`t it!!
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