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Fantastic!! Valluvar Kottam in Chennai to attract more visitors with a sensational new- look!!

Posted on: 08/Jul/2021 9:28:34 AM
Sound and light show on the 106 ft tall chariot in Valluvar Kottam!! Sounds incredible right!!

In Chennai is present Valluvar Kottam located at the intersection of the Kodambakkam High Road and the Village Road in Nungambakkam. This grand monument is dedicated to the famous poet-saint Thiruvalluvar is well known.

In the future, people passing through this Valluvar Kottam or visitors visiting this place could get surprised by its new look. This highly popular monument is getting renovated and in a year there would be a sound and light show on the chariot here attracting many.  In addition to this, there would be a mini amphitheatre and a museum in Valluvar Kottam. The PWD is responsible for this sensational new plan. Those coming to Valluvar Kottam in the evenings would be enlivened by sound and light show, multi colour shades of portrait of Thiruvalluvar and his popular Thirukkural couplets against the backdrop of music.

Tamil culture as well as literature would be brought to light in the amphitheatre that would be built over 1200 sqft near the main entrance of Kodambakkam High Road. Diagonally opposite to this, there would be a garden and near the existing auditorium museum cum library would be coming up.

The people coming here would be surprised to see the musical fountain behind the chariot. It was later mentioned by an officer belonging to PWD that their main aim was to make Valluvar Kottam an attractive destination for the kids. He added that the premises would be covered by Wi-Fi and an exclusive app is being developed.

This app would have all the features and details about the monument. It is now learnt that the auditorium that has a seating capacity of 3500 people at a time would have centralised air-conditioning for the public events. It must be noted that there were many complaints about the poor maintenance of this monument over the last one decade. There are damaged floors, pathways and leakages here. It is now said that the revival plan from PWD would provide a solution for those complaints. This important monument was visited by minister for information and publicity Mr Saminathan on Tuesday.

In future, there wont be any damaged flooring and new flooring will replace the damaged flooring. This was as per some sources. Information is that financial estimates for the proposal would be given in a few weeks. After it gets approved, the renovation work here would get completed in 7 to 9 months.