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Madurai Festival - Lord Kallazhagar enters the river - devotees may watch online!


Posted on : 27/Apr/2021 6:18:40 PM

Madurai Chithirai is a globally hugely popular annual festival celebrated in Madurai including the celestial marriage of the Lord Sundareswarar with Goddess Meenakshi!

This annual Chithirai Festival started this year on 23rd April with divine flag hoisting ceremony

It is a tradition for lakhs of devotees from all over the country and abroad to visit Madurai  and gather and perform all the events in celebration with great pomp and enthusiasm.

However, due to the raging coronavirus last year and the resurgent coronavirus this year, this grand Chit=hirai Festival is celebrated without devotees (banned as a preventive measure to check/prevent the spread of coronavirus!) and performed within the temple corridors!

One of the main events of the Chithirai Spring festival is the Lord Kallazhagar entering the River Vaigai.  On this, many of the devotees dress uop as Lord Kallazhagar and in order to serve their penance, shower/spray water and taking the wick (Thiri eduthal).

Today, 27th April, being the 5th day of the grand Chithirai festival, the adorning of garland for/by the Goddess Andal (one of the great 12 Vaishnavites Saints who marries Lord Krishna (Vishnu is performed at 8.00 AM. Subsequently, at 9.00 AM, The deity of Lord Kallazhagar will be taken on a procession on the carriage of Golden Horse commencing on the Adi Veedhi.

During this period, flex-banners have been set up depicting Lord Kallazhagar entering the river Vaigai. Polythene sheeats have been spread on the floor and water poued on the same to create the scene of Lord Kallazhagar entering the river Vaigai!

Arrangements have been made to facilitate the devotees to watch the festival event alive on the television at their residences! However, it must be mentioned here that the dreams/hopes of lakhs of devotees to watch the event of Loed Kallazhagar in the river has been dashed this year!
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