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Is COVID there or not now!! Where are the safety protocols during the voting at the polling booths in Chennai?


Posted on : 07/Apr/2021 9:26:24 AM

Wearing facemasks and maintaining social distancing have gone for a toss now in various polling booths in Chennai!!

The people who went to cast their votes in Otteri in Chennai were shocked to see the absence of Covid-19 safety protocols. The truth is the police personnel and electoral officers did not wear facemasks. In addition, there was no social distancing also.

In Kolathur based elementary school, there was no social distance at all. The voters were shocked because no hand sanitizers were given to them and the used plastic gloves were strewn all over due to absence of dustbins.

It was brought to light by a person belonging to Purasawalkam that not following Covid-19 safety protocols at the booths have discouraged many from voting due to the fear of infection. Those who went in the morning to cast their votes have informed others about the absence of Covid-19 safety protocols here and this made many not to vote due to the fear.

The health department officers were of the view that they had put all the safety measures in place and informed the electoral officers about implementation of the measures at the polling booths.

The public did not follow the Covid-19 protocols as instructed by the officers on the election duty. This was according to some officials. It is worthy to note that elders and those with physical issues faced lots of problems at the polling booths yesterday and they complained about the accessibility issues. It is shocking to mention that some used crutches to climb the stairs as there were no wheelchairs and ramps etc.

According to disabled rights activist Mr. T.N.M. Deepak, the polling booth at Thiruvanmiyur was not friendly to those with physical issues. The lack of proper planning has been given as the reason for the poor arrangements.
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