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Desirous of having a honeymoon but with a limited budget? Here is a plan!!


Posted on : 25/Mar/2021 5:51:51 PM

The plan explained below will enable you to enjoy a smooth, absolutely trouble-free and tension-free honeymoon with your chosen beloved and carry the sweet memories forever!

In case you are finding it rather troublesome to decide on the details of the honeymoon - the place, the mode of travel, the budget, etc., - here is a suggestion for you!

Discuss with your spouse regarding the choices. Note that there is no bar on undertaking a honeymoon trip irrespective of whether it is a love-marriage or an arranged-marriage!

If you are preparing to make the honeymoon trip immediately after marriage, have a discussion with your spouse about the place! Select places which are okay for both of you - may be a hill-resort or a beach-resort! Gather details such as climate, etc, of the place, selected.

When you plan to visit hill-resorts especially during cold seasons, your romance will be altogether of a new level! Have a detailed discussion regarding individual preferences!

it is advisable to have a discussion regarding playing some thrill-games during the honeymoon visit scuba-diving, mountain-CLIMBING, Bungee-jumping, etc.! - This will enable making advance booking required!

In case not so much interested in sports, select some historic places/cities where true symbols are love are located (for example, Taj Mahal, Agra). Or Places are known for historic interest such as Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) or the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy).

Honeymoon period: 
It is better to plan in advance the details of the duration of travel, etc. This would be especially useful to decide in advance in case both the spouses are of working category! Note here that decisions taken at the last moments will lead to confession - rendering the honeymoon trip rather unpleasant!

Decide if it is a week or 1-2 days! This would help decide the selection of the place of the visit! The planning should rather be complete in order to ensure a pleasant and memorable honeymoon!

Probably deciding the budget is the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT in advance!  Travel expenses, lodging expenses, food, entrance charges for participation in games ot tourist spots visit, and other related expenses must be planned clearly! It is better not to be too accurate/exact in this regard meaning one should not strictly organise the exact amount budgeted - IT MUST BE AT LEAST 10% EXTRA!

The place selected for the hohoneymoon must be good enough to strengthen the bonding of love of the couple and to be a perfect setting for some romance! Gather the details of the climate, the rules and regulations, etc., and plan the journey accordingly!

Note that at present there is a spread of the raging coronavirus pandemic in several places! So, gather and note the details regarding the restrictions, Rules & Regulations of the visiting place in advance! In fact, some of the places remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic!

Happy Honeymoon!: 
Once you have arrived at all details of the trip, what is next? Prepare to have an excellent, pleasant, and memorable trip! Remember to give some surprise gift to your spouse! Some small-games, surprises, etc., add pep and pleasure to the honeymoon trip!

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