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From 5th March, International Kindness Festival to be held


Posted on : 03/Mar/2021 9:48:40 AM

The news that has come out now is that from 5th of March to 7th of March 2021, International Kindness Festival would be held virtually. It must be noted that this is a first of kind global symposium on science, politics, ethics and practicality of everyday kindness.

Various popular personalities who would be speaking in this symposium are Hindi actor Abhishek Bachchan, longest held Al-Qaeda captive Stephan McCowan, Thuglak editor Gurumoorthy, former strength and conditioning coach of Indian men cricket team Basu Shankar etc. The audience would be addressed by few other personalities belonging to various other fields also.

The symposium would have inspirational stories of peoples journeys and the speakers would also be speaking about various aspects of kindness, brainstorm of breaking stereotypes, challenge existing perceptions of kindness, philanthropy and charity etc. Peoples perception of kindness would be expanded and they would be empowered with tools for creating impact at global / local levels. Information is that this event would have talks by speakers plus, workshops and panels to networking, games, music, art etc.

Building compassionate communities around the world is very important and it is brought out that this symposium endeavours to show that kindness is the perfect tool to design the future. For those people whose work revolves around human interactions, this one of its kind symposium would be highly useful. Various examples of human interactions include those in human resources, government services, development sectors, marketing students, humanities etc.

The organisers have revealed that this upcoming event would address an aspect of life that is neutral to age, gender, profession etc. This event would surely create a huge impact on the professional as well as personal lives of both youngsters and grown- ups.

It is worthy to note that this festival would have mentorship calls, global networking opportunities, music, quiz, virtual art gallery etc.

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