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Latest about the widening Padi-Thiruninravur section of Chennai-Tirupati High Road or CTH


Posted on : 23/Feb/2021 9:18:57 AM

The State Highways Department not taking up the widening of Padi-Thiruninravur section into 6 lanes has angered many motorists and other residents using Chennai-Tirupati High Road or CTH.

A decade back, the NHAI or National Highways Authority of India had proposed to widen the CTH road into a 6 lane facility is well known to us. There was opposition from the local traders and due to this the plan was dropped. It must be taken into account that the State Highways department took over the maintenance of the 22km Padi- Thiruninravur stretch of the CTH road from NHAI. The state highways department proposed widening the road by allocating an amount of Rs 168 crores for acquisition of land.

In the month of December in 2013, the state highways department took widening of the stretch end wherever land was available at a cost of Rs 98 crores. Every year, the number of vehicles using this stretch has increased and the road width has become inadequate for the vehicles. This stretch has been witnessing heavy traffic congestion and accidents etc.

It was later brought out by a resident belonging to Avadi that the traffic on the CTH Road has increased after the Covid-19 lockdown was relaxed. From his residence to reach ICF it takes more than 40 minutes now in the peak hours due to heavy traffic congestion here. He wanted the road to be widened without any further delay for the sake of people.

Truth is that CTH has become famous for many accidents now and this was as per Mr. T. Sadagopan, consumer rights activist from Pattabhiram. He expressed his unhappiness regarding the state Highways department that has not taken any step in the land acquisition process for the proposed 6 lane. Developmental works such as drainage projects in Avadi have also been affected by the delay in the road widening.
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