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Shortage of time-In TN, needed district level test for class 11 and not board exams


Posted on : 20/Feb/2021 9:20:00 AM

The class 12 board examination schedule was announced just a couple of days back and it grabbed many eyeballs. There were complaints from teachers and parents about the lack of time available for the class 12 students to prepare for the May examinations.

The news now is that many schools and teachers associations want class 12 board examinations this academic year to be cancelled and instead want district level tests. The reason for this was because of inadequate preparation. Information is that several institutions were of the view that they might not be able to complete the syllabuses for class 11 students if they take classes on alternative days. The point is that the current batch of students is underprepared as the students were promoted from class 10 without examinations. Few institutions want the board exams to be held for the students of class 11 as they would improve the performance in competitive examinations.

To prevent the schools from teaching the syllabuses of class 12 in both class 11 and in class 12, board examinations were introduced by the TN government in 2017-18 for class 11 students.

It was pointed out by the headmistress V. Shanthi, Vidyodaya Girls Higher Secondary School of T. Nagar that the situation in this was totally different. She explained that the students continue to raise doubts regarding portions that were covered online and the teachers would have to repeat several topics in the physical classes. Fact is that the present batch of students of class1 11 does not know anything about the board examinations and preparing them within 3 months would be very tough.

Converting the board exams into district level tests would reduce the burden on both students as well on the teachers. This was according to Mr. N. Vijayan, Principal of Zion Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Now, each classroom must just have 25 students as per the SOP and the schools have been conducting classes for students of class 12. The shortage of teachers has made many schools opt for a shift system and other teachers have been taking classes on alternative days. It is now revealed that TN PG Teachers association wants board exams cancelled for class 11 and wants the students to be given promotion based on their internal assessments. This was brought out by Mr. K.P. O. Suresh, state president.

It must be noted that many government schools are conducting classes just 3 days per week for class 11 students and it would not be possible to complete the syllabus within 3 months. It was later mentioned by a teacher belonging to a Chennai school that the students of class11 do not have any experience of board examinations and the students require revision tests, model exams after the completion of the syllabus.
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