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Chennai to get back rains in this weekend


Posted on : 15/Feb/2021 9:20:41 AM

The skies have been clear and the weather has been warm now in Chennai. Soon, this weather pattern might change as Chennai city would be getting rains back again in the weekend.

In this upcoming week, northern parts belonging to TN would get rains due to upper to mid level trough moving over the Deccan from the northeast.

The weather bloggers have mentioned that the presence of rains would depend on the movement of the air circulation just a few days before rains. According to a popular weather blogger Mr. Pradeep John upper to mid level trough would be dipping down the third week of February and this would result in T storms in many places in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, Andhra, Odisha and TN. T

There are chances of rains in TN this February and it will be coming from the line of the wind. The northern parts of TN might have mild to moderate rains and Chennai city would receive possible showers also. Rains would also be making its presence felt in districts like Dharmapuri, The Nilgiris etc. From 19th February to 22nd February, weather patterns would occur and this was according to some weather bloggers.

As per Mr. K. Srikanth, a weather blogger, these weather patterns are likely to change. Truth is that rains in Chennai are not common in the month of February. There is just a 50-50 chance of Chennai getting rains in February and it would depend on the movement of wind just before the predicted rains.  A strong trigger would be needed for the rains in Chennai in February. He concluded that a strong westerly trough that would interact with the easterly winds might bring rains in Chennai city Information gathered is that if this above said doesnt happen then Chennai might not get rains.
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