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Now, OP or outpatient services resume in the government hospitals in Chennai


Posted on : 21/Nov/2020 9:27:31 AM

Patient care in the hospitals took a back seat when the Coronavirus pandemic began to spread in the beginning of 2020 is a well known fact. Now, things have changed and the pandemic has been brought under control to a large extent. As a result, with the resumption of OP or outpatient services the non-Covid care at the government hospitals have almost returned to normal.

It has been pointed out by the doctors belonging to Chennai based RGGGH, KMCH and SMCH that more than 80% of beds for non-Covid inpatients were occupied. As per the dean of RGGGH, Dr. E. Theranirajan, before the pandemic about 15000 outpatients came to the hospital every day and now it is about just 10000. 

He explained about how RGGGH has resumed elective surgeries, operations and dialysis etc. It must be taken into note that currently in a month 2200 dialysis is being conducted in this hospital. The situation at Chennai based SMCH has changed now and in this hospital 1100 out of 1200 beds allotted for non-Covid patients are occupied.

It has been mentioned by J. Ganesh, Deputy Medical Superintendent that nearly 5000 outpatients visit this hospital everyday and about 60 elective and emergency cases are being attended every day. He threw light about the large number of patients coming to the Stanley Hospital every day and how Covid-19 protocols are being followed and the patients get screened.

 In KMCH, there is now a separate block for non-Covid operations and C-section operations are being conducted. Many accident cases are also treated in this hospital now. This was according to the dean of KMCH Dr P. Vasanthamani. She added that now 85percent of beds allotted to non-Covid patients are full. It must be noted that another lab has got approval for conducting Coronavirus testing and this lab is Chenani based Al Haramain Diagnostic Centre.
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