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The Grand Climax Event Soorasamharam to be performed today at Thiruchendur Temple.


Posted on : 20/Nov/2020 2:33:12 PM

The hugely popular and the grand event of ‘Soorasamharam’ (when Lord Muruga vanquishes the Demon Sooran) is scheduled to performed today (Friday, 20th November) in the grand festival of Kandha Sashti under celebrations!

2000 Police personnel have been deployed for providing protection and safety for the huge gathering of devotees!

Lord Muruga has 6 dedicated temples in Tamil Nadu State, known as ‘Arupadai Veedugal” – Thiruchendur is the 2nd ‘Padaiveedu’ in this list. Though several festivals are being celebrated in the Lord Subramanya Swami in the Tiruchendur temple throughout the year as per the Almanac, the festival of ‘Kandha Sashti’ celebrated here is world-famous and is the most important among them.

For this year 2020, this famous and grand ‘Kandha Sashti’ Festival in Thiruchendur commenced with the holy Yagasalai Pooja on the 15th of November.

During the festival days, the temple corridors will be opened early morning and Viswaroopa Deepaaradhanai and Udhayamarthaanda Abhishekham will be performed. After this, the idol of Lord Jayanthnathar is taken out. After this, Deepaaradhani was performed on the idol of the main deity, Lord Shannmuga.

During the afternoon, the deities of ord Jayanthinathar, along with His Consorts Valli and Deivayanai are placed on ‘Thanga Chapparam’ (Golden Palanquin) and offered Darshan for the devotees in the interior corridor of the temple in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Lord Mahadeva.

Subsequently, in the evening session, special Abhishekham was performed on the deities of the Lord and Ambal.In the night, the deity of Lord Jayanthinathar along with His 2 Consorts was taken on a procession on ‘Thana Chapparam’ (Golden Palanquin) in the interior corridors of the temple and then taken to Yagasalai again to offer Darshan to the devotees.

The much-eagerly awaited grand climax of this festival, ‘Soorasamharam’ is scheduled to be celebrated today (Friday, 20th November). Accordingly, the corridors of the temple were opened early morning 1.00 AM. Viswaroopa Deepaaradhanai was performed at 1.30 AM. |Udhayamaarthanda Abhishekham was performed at 2.00 AM. Uchikaaa Abhishekham was performed at 9.00 AM. ‘Saayaratchai Deepaaraadhanai is to be performed in the afternoon session.

At around 4.30 PM today (Friday, 20th |November), the idol of ord Jayanthinathar is taken for the event of Soorasamhaaram. Subsequently, the event of Soorasamharam, when Lord Jayanthinathr vanquishes the Asura (Demon) Soorapadman is performed at the entry of the beach,  

Lord Jayanthinathar first vanquishes the elephant-faced demon ‘Yaanai Mugan’ (representing Maaya), and the ion-faced Demon ‘Singa Muaasuran’ (representing ‘Karma’ or fate) and then finally, vanquishes the demon Soorapdaman (representing arrogance) successively!

In the final stages, when the demon Soorapadman assumes the shape of a mango tree and then in the shape of a cock, Lord Jayanthinathar assumes the peacock as His Carrier and the Cock as his Flag!

Tomorrow (Saturday, 21st November) being the 7th Day of this grand festival, the Divine Marriage of the Lord Swami with His Ambal is scheduled to be performed.

Due to prevailing measures under impositions a prpreventive measure against the raging coronavirus pandemic. The devotees ARENOR ALLOWED FOR DARSHAN TODAY (Friday, 20th November) and TOMORROW (Saturday 21st November!

Thus, this magnificent festival celebrated in a grand style every year is being performed this year WITHOUT THE GREAT CROWD OF DEVOTEES IN A SIMPLE MANNER!

However, the entire events are being telecast on YouTube as well as the local TV channels!

For this special festival occasion, under the supervision of the Police Superintendent Jayakumar presided by the Thiruchendur Assistant Police Superintendent Harsh Singh, around 2000police personnel have been deployed for safety and protection.

The arrangements for the grand Kandha Sashti festival are being organised by Temple Thakkar Ira. Kannan Adhithan, Joint Commissioner (in-charge) Kayani and the temple administration staff!
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