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Foot patrolling re-introduced by Chennai police- Confidence of residents on police to become more


Posted on : 20/Nov/2020 9:35:21 AM

The crimes have increased in the city of Chennai in recent times. The Chennai residents are unhappy regarding these crimes and they have lost their confidence regarding the police department. To stop these, Chennai police has been taking many efforts.

 Important information is that the Chennai police have re-introduced foot patrolling on the streets of the city now. The DCPs and ACPs have become an essential part of this exercise. The residents living in the narrow places that are beyond the reach of motorised patrol vehicles could feel happy now as the police personnel would be meeting them by undertaking foot patrolling.

In the Chennai outskirts recently, the police department solved cattle theft cases effectively. DCP Ambattur, Deepa Sathyan was informed about this when she went on foot patrolling. It is now said that the residents there now feel that they can access a police officer without any fear.  The DCP then spoke about how the police department could understand the issues of the public and solve the issues by implementing the suggestions from the public.

It was later pointed out by DCP Kilpauk Mr. K. Adhiveerapandian that by foot patrolling there is more chance to meet the people on the ground. He added that the police personnel undertake foot patrolling where vehicles cannot enter and the police listen to the issues of the public.

It must be noted that sometimes civic issues such as non-supply of drinking water and sewage water stagnation etc were resolved by the police personnel. The public would get more confident now and this was according to Mr. V. Vikraman, DCP Adyar. He threw light on how the conversations during the foot patrolling would bring out more details about various crimes and criminals. In addition, the police personnel could get more information about the neighbourhoods.

The system has received positive feedback from the residents and this was according to Chennai police commissioner Mr. Mahesh Kumar Agarwal. Truth is that the present police patrolling exercise is to increase more visible patrolling. In each police district, atleast 100 such police foot patrolling are being conducted now and this has reduced assaults etc.

For rendering speedy assistance to the people, the Chennai city police have spruced up the mobile patrolling system. Information collected is that another initiative has been launched and the public could convey their grievances to the police patrol vehicles stationed in their neighbourhoods. In north Chennai, evidence based patrolling has been introduced.

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