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Water supply to Chennai to be increased every day by 50 million litres


Posted on : 19/Nov/2020 10:51:59 AM

The recent rains in the Chennai city have made the reservoirs that supply water to the city brimming!!

It is now said that CMWSSB or Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board has decided to increase the quantum of water supplied to Chennai everyday by 50million litres. This increase would be from Thursday onwards. 

According to Mr. S.P. Velumani, minister for municipal administration and water supplies, currently 700 MLD water or million litres per day is being supplied to Chennai city. He revealed that from Thursday additional 50 MLD would be supplied. The minister expressed his views after taking part in an inter-departmental coordination meeting. Information is the meeting was arranged to discuss the monsoon preparations. 

Other important personalities who made their presence felt in the above said meeting held at Ripon Buildings were ministers Mr. D. Jayakumar, Mr. R.B. Udhayakumar plus Chennai district collector R. Seethalakshmi, Chennai police commissioner, Mr. Mahesh Agarwal, Chennai corporation commissioner Mr. G. Prakash and few others.

It was mentioned by Mr. S.P. Velumani that the flood water had receded in the Chennai city within 3 hours. In Chennai, there are just 19 spots now where rain water gets stagnated. 

It is worth mentioning that the lakes that supply drinking water to Chennai city have 8000 TMC metres of water now. These lakes would be able to store another 4 TMC before reaching the brim.

He then threw light on Chembarambakkam Lake that is just 80% full now. Truth is that even if this lake reaches its full storage capacity the reservoir is strong enough to hold the water. There wont be mixing of sewage into the water bodies and steps have been taken for this. In 12 districts in TN, the NE monsoon is normal and in 24 districts it is less than normal. 
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