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Soon, uniform feeder services to be available for the passengers in all metro stations in Chennai


Posted on : 18/Nov/2020 9:00:00 AM

In the near future, passengers coming out of the metro stations in Chennai would be able book a ride in cabs or in electric autos at cheap rates and could reach their places of destination. Sounds incredible right!!

The commuters would get first as well as the last mile connectivity as CMRL has floated a tender looking for a firm that would operate uniform feeder services at its 32 metro stations in phase-1 and in 8 phase-1 extension metro stations. In the past many commuters complained about the feeder cab services and shared auto services in 13 metro stations in Chennai. This has resulted in CMRL discontinuing the operations. Currently, CMRLs 45km phase-1 line is recording just 25percent of the pre-Covid average daily patronage.

By early 2021, operations would begin on the km phase-1 extension line of north Chennai. Point is that CMRLs decision of floating tenders for feeder services has come at this point of time. It is now mentioned that the patronage of CMRL would be boosted by the launch of new inexpensive feeder services. 

At the metro stations in Chennai, feeder vehicle services like share autos, e-autos and share cabs like mini cabs, sedans etc would be making their presence felt. This was according to the tender. It is worth mentioning that the schedule of the metro trains would be in consonance with the metro train time table.

As per an official belonging to CMRL it was clear that the feeder services to and from the metro stations would be operated at a distance of 5km radius and there would be 60 vehicles along the entire stretch of 54km. The operator who gets selected would be given license to run the feeder services for a period of 2 years.

It is superb to note that ever since metro trains services resumed its operations in Chennai on 7th September its daily average patronage has grown by 53percent. At present it is 22685 and this is still 25percent of pre-Covid daily average patronage of 1.16lakhs.Truth is that more passengers would prefer travelling by metro trains as the uniform feeder services would be launched.
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