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Online registration commences for Sabarimalai Temple Mandala Pooja and Makara Jothi


Posted on : 03/Nov/2020 3:41:24 PM

The online registration for the Sabarimalai Temple Mandala Poojai and Makara Jothi Darshan commenced on Sunday, 1st November.

The Temple administration has imposed stringent restrictions and regulations for the devotees coming for Darshan!

In this regard, the Public Relations Officer of the Thiruvidhankur Dewaswom Board, Sunil Aarumanoor, has released a notification:

The Mandala Makara Viakku Darisanam at the Sabarimala Sri Dharma Sastha Tempe is scheduled to commence from 16th November for the year 2020-21.  The corridors of the temple will be opened at 5.00 PM on 15th November.

The Pooja gets concluded on 26th December with the Golden shaw adorned M|andala Poojai. The temple corridors will be opened on 30th December for the Makara Vilakku festival and the Makara Viakku will be celebrated on 14th January next year.  The temple corridors will be open until 20th January.

Stringent regulations
T^he devotees coming for Darshan must possess the proof of NOT BEING INFECTED WITH CORONAVIRUS 24HOURS EARLIER. Once reaching  Kerala State Nilakkal, the devotee has to obtain another proof of not being infected coronavirus!  The devotees who obtained this proof at Nilakkal have to travel by Kerala State Transport to Pambai.  Devotees travelling on their own transport need to get down at Pambai.

For the Sabarimalai yatra, those who had registered at the website www.sabarimalaionine.org will be allowed.

For the 1st 5 days of the week, only1000 devotees wi be allowed per day to enter the temple. On Saturdays and Sundays, 2000 devotees will be allowed.

Ban to perform Abhishekham: Bathing at the Pambai river has been banned. However, taps have been arranged on the river banks for the devotees to bathe. Staying at Sannidhanam is also NOT allowed.  However, arrangements have been made for bathrooms and toilets.

There would be no lodging arrangements at Pambai and Sannidhanam.

Arrangements have been made for drinking water for the devotees on their way to Sannidhanam.

The devotees are banned from performing Ghee Abhishekham like earlier times! Instead, the devotees can collect the coconuts given by the Devalayam Staff and take them for Abhishekham.

Emergency medical centres have been set up for the Lord Ayyappa Devotees on the Lord Ayyappa Road. It is further informed that those under the age of 10 and above the age of 65 ARE NOT ALLOWED!
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