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Questions for the board examinations in TN to be based on the content of education channel


Posted on : 27/Oct/2020 9:08:29 AM

The lessons conducted in the state education channel or Kalvi Tholikatchi channel would be taken into consideration for the questions in the board examinations.

It is known that this educational channel is the first exclusive educational channel that is run by the TN government for the students. Fact is that the online classes that have been going on for the students seem too far to reach the students of government schools in TN.

It must be noted that after the schools were shut down due to lockdown in TN the educational channel launched Veedu Palli for the students belonging to the TN run schools. These students do not have online classes just like other students belonging to private schools are well known.

The live classroom sessions have been superb for the students and there are also other programmes in the education channel like lectures, students inventions, interviews with academicians, question and answer sessions etc. These programmes are also of high value for the board examination students.

It was hinted by a senior officer belonging to the School Education Department that the questions would be derived depending upon the number of portions that has been covered in the classroom session through the education channel. He added that by watching the programmes in the education channel regularly the student would be able to get good marks in the board examinations. 

The superb piece of information is that the question paper would be simple and the students would be able to pass easily. This channel is being watched by more than 90% of the students belonging to the TN run schools regularly.

Point is that teachers were deployed to distribute the time table and schedule of the TV channel regularly. Teachers would also make sure that the students have access to TV in their houses to watch the programmes.
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