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Festival season - Trains from Chennai to other places to be jam packed


Posted on : 16/Oct/2020 8:58:56 AM

Even at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic is creating huge fear, people have not lost their interests in travelling to their natives for the festival season.

Till the end of November month, the trains from Chennai to Howrah, Santragachi, Chhapra, Kamakhya and New Delhi are full. It was brought out that the trains from Chennai to Chhapra have been sold out till the middle of November.  Till the middle of January, Trichy-Chennai-Howrah trains are full. Truth is that till the end of November Yeshwantpur-Chennai- Kamakhya, Chennai-Nizamuddin express trains were booked.

The puja and deepavali festivals are around the corner and these important festivals have increased the demand. This was according to an officer belonging to the railways. He added that sleeper and air-conditioned coaches have huge demand.

On Chhapra express to Varanasi, the waitlist for AC tier was up to 20 and sleeper class the waitlist was up to 200. This would be till deepavali. On Nizamuddin express, the AC 3 tier has been on the waitlist for most days in October and for the first two weeks in November. 

There would be tickets available for 1 or 2 days in the middle of the week in November. It is believed that a majority of the people would be travelling this weekend as pooja falls on 22nd October.

The fewer trains available have resulted in this heavy rush. There are no daily trains available for those who want to travel to places like Varanasi, Kolkata, Ranchi and Guwahati. 

There is huge demand for the trains now also due to the fact that the flights are either not there or schedules are unreliable. It must be noted that on Wednesday there were 5 flights to Kolkata from Chennai but on Thursday there was just one flight.

A traveller spoke about how he had been planning to go to his home and how he had booked the ticket in Chennai-Santragachi AC express train that opened the booking just a day back. He mentioned that he had struggled to get the ticket to go to his home in November. He pointed out that the train was added to IRCTC a day or two days back and hence he could get the tickets.

The restraints imposed by the state government have made the Southern Railways or SR not able to run the interstate trains. It is now revealed that Chennai-Delhi Duronto and a Nizamuddin express would be operated soon.
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