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Reopening of theatres in TN - Formal announcement to be made soon


Posted on : 07/Oct/2020 9:19:57 AM

The central government had announced that the theatres could be reopened for the public from 15th of October. The owners of the theatres in TN are now gearing up for the reopening.

Mr. Tirupur M. Subramanian, president of TN Theatre and Multiplexes Owners Association expressed his views regarding the reopening of the theatres in TN. He highlighted that discussions have been going on with Mr. Kadambur Raju, minister of information and publicity regarding reopening of the theatres.

He added that the owners were ready to reopen the theatres and ensure safety for the people. The minister then spoke about how the chief minister of TN has been informed about the reopening and how a formal announcement would be made soon.

The central government has allowed just 50 % occupancy in the theatres and this has raised few concerns. The theatre owners were of the view that reopening of the theatres was a good sign.

It was pointed out by Mr. Ganesh, proprietor of Kamala Cinemas that even before the lock down was imposed in Chennai the theatres were just occupied partially. He added that only during the week ends the theatres saw crowds.

He concluded that for ensuring the safety of the public the safety measures would be stepped up in the theatres. Important information is the public would not be charged for 2 seats due to 50% seats occupancy rule. 

There would be odd seat occupancy for one show and even seat occupancy for another show once when the theatres reopen in TN. People who do not wear facemasks and those without proper sanitation would not be allowed inside the theatres. Changing the seats after the show had begun would not be allowed and if people do that, then they would be sent out.

There would be proper ventilation inside the theatres and the temperature setting inside would be above 23 degrees Celsius.
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