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TN Government New Order regarding University Examinations


Posted on : 15/Sep/2020 11:34:04 AM

The Secretary of the Department of Higher Education of the State Government of Tami Nadu, Apoorva has ordered that a the universities and colleges functioning in Tami Nadu including the self-financed colleges MUST OBTAIN PRIOR PERMISSION before deciding to conduct examinations.

Due to the prevailing raging coronavirus pandemic, there were problems in scheduling and organising the semester examinations in higher education institutions including universities and colleges. Subsequently, except the final semester examinations, all other examinations were cancelled and these students were deemed as passed.

At the same time, petitions were filed at the Supreme Court to cancel the final semester examinations as well! After conducting the enquiry, the Supreme Court rejected this petition and announced that the Final Semester Examinations can`t be cancelled.

Subsequently, Anna University, Chennai University, Bharathiyar University, and Bharathidhasan University, and the other higher academic institutions in Tamil Nadu announced the dates for the Final Semester Examinations.

In this situation, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has come up with the above-mentioned order making prior government permission mandatory to conduct the final semester examinations.

In this scenario, the details of the circular sent by the Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Government Department of Higher Education, Apoorva, to the registrars of universities.

During the prevailing coronavirus pandemic disaster throughout the country, the government has been taking all possible preventive actions to check the spread and has ordered that all the universities and colleges must not open until further government orders.

So, the Higher Academic Institutions, Universities, and self-financed colleges, while following the government guidelines for prevention of the coronavirus spread, if deciding to conduct the final semester examinations in whatever format MUST OBTAIN PRIOR PERMISSION from the State Government and the State Disaster Management Commission.

This order has been released with the primary objective of the safety of the students and staff during the present alarming coronavirus pandemic.

Secretary Apoorva has emphasised that all the higher academic institutions, universities, and the self-financed colleges MUST FOLLOW THIS ORDER!
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