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State Governments differ on the decision to reopen schools from 21st September!


Posted on : 14/Sep/2020 1:09:21 PM

The central government has now given permission to reopen the schools from 21st September which has remained closed due to the lockdown imposed as a preventive measure against the raging coronavirus pandemic.

In detail, the central government has given permission to conduct classes only for the students from 9th Standard to 12th Standard

However, it is seen that all the states are not looking at this issue from the same angle! Just as the extensive/impact of the raging coronavirus pandemic varies from one state to another, the parents from different states also offer different opinions on this issue!

As regards the state of Tamil Nadu, there is no confusion on this issue The Tamil Nadu State Government Minister for School Education. K. A. Sengottaiyan has been categorically stating that only after the raging coronavirus pandemic is checked and brought under total control, even the thought of reopening schools can be taken up!

The State governments of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh have also contemplated nothing on this issue so far!

However, the States of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Uttarkhand, Andhra, and Jharkhand are making arrangements to reopen the schools for the students of the 9th to the 12th Standards.

As regards the State of Kerala, it is learnt that a decision on the issue of reopening schools will be taken on the cabinet meeting to be conducted on 16th September. The State Academicians have also emphasized the need for reopening the schools as soon as possible! The Academicians are also categorical that online cases will never match the school classes.

The State Government of Karnataka has decided to release special guidelines regarding the reopening of schools.

In Andhra, an earnest review is being already conducted whether a teacher can be asked to attend duty each day and whether the normal usual functioning time could be resumed OR to engage specific teachers on specific days for specific subjects.

The States of Telangana and Maharashtra have not taken any decision on this issue so far! They have not even started reviewing the situation. It has been informed that the basis for reopening must be on the improvement of the corona crisis.

There are no plans regarding the reopening of schools in the State of Odisha as well! The State Government has ordered all schools and academic institutions to remain closed until Durga Pooja

As regard Delhi, during last month when this issue was taken up and the parents directly meeting the Chief Minister and requesting to let the schools closed, the Chief Mininister Arvind Kejriwal had promised that the schools will not be reopened until the corona crisis is brought under total control. As such, the situation has not changed in Delhi. The parents are still against the reopening of schools.

As regards the State of Rajasthan, there has been no official announcement on this. It is learnt that the parents/teachers are against the reopening of schools in September.

As for Haryana State, a trial has been undertaken by opening 2 government schools for the classes of 10th to12th Standards to be conducted.
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