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Business Onon Wheels - Electric autos launched in Chennai


Posted on : 14/Sep/2020 9:37:44 AM

If you think that electric autos would just carry the passengers to their destinations in Chennai then this news would certainly surprise you.

Soon, a series of electric autos would be launched by Chennai based Mauto Electric Mobility Private Ltd and these autos would cater the hospitality and business sector. 

It is said that the micro entrepreneurs would be able to set up their business on the wheels by these autos. The idea to launch electric autos was incorporated in the year 2019. The above mentioned Chennai based company has now come out with as many as13 variants. Truth is both domestic as well as export market is being targeted now.

The CEO of Mauto Electric Mobility Private Ltd, Mr. Yasmeen Jawahar Ali, mentioned that the vehicles would be proper 3 wheelers and look like auto rickshaws. Information is according to the business needs these autos could be customised. She then spoke about m-veggies that have racks where fruits and vegetables could be displayed and could be supplied at the houses of the customers.

Later, Yasmeen Jawahar Ali threw light on the Business on Wheels for the entrepreneurs. She also spoke about m-garbage that would collect wet as well and dry garbage separately.

According to the chairman of Mauto Group, Mr. Mansoor AliKhan, in 2019 ideation of this venture began. He explained that in the Covid-19 pandemic many auto drivers sold vegetables, tea, meat etc using their autos. He concluded that making space in the 3wheelrer segment was thought about after he saw these above said incidents.

One important advantage of the new launch is that anyone who doesnt want to invest in a huge rental space could use the autos for their business by purchasing the vehicle. There is some thought now that more people would be interested in doing business. It is now said that Mauto Electric Mobility private Ltd would work closely with the Tamil Nadu government 

It is known that in rural places huge vehicles would not be able to enter and in those places these 3 wheelers could be used. The cost of these electric autos is Rs 3 lakhs.
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