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Chennai to get light rains over 48 hours


Posted on : 25/Aug/2020 10:33:16 AM

There is some difference of opinion now between weathermen and the weather enthusiasts about the rains in Chennai city.

The weathermen have predicted some light rains in Chennai in the next 48 hours the weather enthusiasts were of the view that unfavorable wind conditions are making the chances of rains dim. Beginning from the 1st of June 2020, the Chennai subdivision has a 12% deficit so far this season.

The condition of the sky is likely to be generally cloudy and light rain is likely to occur in some places. The maximum and minimum temperatures would be around 34 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius for the next 48 hours in Chennai. This has been according to the RMC Chennai.

For the last few days, the weather agency has been forecasting light rains in Chennai but Chennai has remained dry mostly. The inability of the weak westerly winds to converge with the easterly winds closer to the coast has been cited as the reason for the dry weather by some weather bloggers. 

The weak westerly winds allow the entry of easterlies or sea breeze into the land resulting in the wind converging away from Chennai city in the interior places.

It was expected that the low pressure formed over North Bay of Bengal would pull some westerly winds from the land resulting in convergence near the coast and this too did not take place. 

Chennai weather blogger Mr. Pradeep John stated that cloud bands are seen away from Chennai in regions like Tiruttani and along with that belt where good rainfall is seen. 

He added that the Chennai city had a good chance for rainfall on Sunday and Monday but the winds did not favor Chennai. In the end, he spoke about how in September second week there might be good chances of rain.
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