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Censor Committee to be formed for YouTube, Facebook and Social Media Networks?


Posted on : 06/Aug/2020 1:57:44 PM

While conducting the enquiry on the petition which demanded formation of a special censor committee to censor the video-clips downloaded in the popular social media network sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, the Chennai High Court has ordered the Central and State Governments to respond to this demand.

As some of the above-mentioned video-clips on the social media networks including the Kandha Sashti issue and the marriage of the actor Vanitha Vijayakumar developed into burn problems, Sudhan from Chennai had filed a petition in the Chennai High Court demanding that a special censor committee must be formed to censor the various video-clips downloaded in the social networking media websites.

In this petition, Sudhan had mentioned that as a large number of students are studying online presently due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent closure of schools and colleges, and also most of the employees are now working from home due to the same reasons, various controversial video clips have been up; loaded on the above-mentioned social networking media.

The petitioner has further pointed out that under the name of short documentaries, a large number of obscene videos are registered in these sites. As such, the petitioner has observed that though millions of consumers have been utilising the social networking media throughout the country, there are no censoring arrangements for these social networking websites. So, the petitioner had appealed that just as being done for the films, a special censor committee is mandatory to censor the various video-clips available on this social networking media sites.

This petition came up for enquiry today (Thursday, 6th August). The bench of judges M M Sundaresh and Hemalatha who conducted the enquiry observed that this is a rather important case. The panel of judges ordered that the central & state governments must respond on this issue within 4 weeks.
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