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In Chennai city, number of streets with NEW COVID cases has reduced


Posted on : 06/Aug/2020 9:42:30 AM

Earlier, the number of streets belonging to the Chennai city had more than 600 Coronavirus new or fresh cases. This created a sense of fear among the residents

Now, the number of streets with fresh Coronavirus cases has come down below 500 in the last 15 days of time. It is known that the number of streets with active cases has come down in Chennai.

The data released from GCC has clearly shown that on Tuesday as many as1042 new cases were reported in Chennai city and they were from 493 streets. It is important to note that Ambattur zone with as many as 91 streets reported fresh cases on Tuesday. 

As many as57 streets belonging to Teynampet zone reported fresh cases and 52 streets in Anna Nagar reported fresh cases. In the Kodambakkam zone, 43 streets reported fresh Coronavirus positive cases.

On 23rd July 2020, the number of fresh or new cases was 613 and it has come down to 493 now. Currently, around 4000 streets belonging to Chennai have active cases. From the central zones of Chennai, the highest number of Coronavirus active cases gets reported and a meeting was held on Wednesday with the officials belonging to the central zones.  It was mentioned that the field officers were asked to intensify the drive.

It must not be forgotten that n 17th June Chennai city had as many as 7800 streets with active cases. Important information collected is on Tuesday the number of streets with active Coronavirus cases has come down to around 4000. It must be noted that Chennai city has got as many as39537 streets. 

The number of containment zones in Chennai has also come down from 46 on 2nd August to 24 on 5th August. The decrease in the number of containment zones in Chennai has clearly shown that the city has controlled Coronavirus infection
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