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Online semester examinations for the final year engineering students of Anna University


Posted on : 04/Aug/2020 10:31:19 AM

Having job offers, but havent completed the final year semester!! This is the condition of the final year engineering students of Anna University or AU.

This issue of the final year students belonging to Anna University would soon come to an end. It has been brought to light that more than 20,000 engineering students belonging to Anna University or AU having job offers have been waiting to begin their careers. Information is AU would be conducting semester exams for these final year students as online proctoring tests by the end of this month of August.

AU would be the first state university that has decided to conduct online examinations for the students amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

Students who do not have digital devices and internet connectivity need not worry as they would be given the choice to take offline exams later. Final year examinations play an important role in validating degrees plus aid in the early onboarding of recruited students.

For each subject, an hour proctoring test would be conducted and it would have multiple-choice questions. Artificial intelligence or AI tools would be used to monitor the students.

The AI tools would record the physical movement of the students, computer screen usage, and audio and by this, any malpractice would be avoided. For the purpose of conducting the online tests for the engineering students from affiliated colleges and university departments, AU has floated tender inviting bids and it would cost Rs 1.9 crore.

Mr. M.K. Surappa, vice-chancellor of AU spoke about how to protect the future of the student online examinations would be conducted. He added that this would make their degrees creditable and would facilitate early onboarding and higher studies. 30% weightage would be given for the online exam and 70% weightage for the internal assessment and project work.
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